What is this?
The 1979 Dune Boardgame (Reimplemented 2019) is a daunting strategy game full of intrigue, schemes, combat and... rules. A lot of rules.
While it makes the game more thematic and interesting, it also makes it complicated.
Particularly the advanced game mode gives a lot of extra rules that want and need to be remembered.
The advanced combat rules are perceived as a bit finicky, because for most factions, you need to count your troops in half-values, only rising up to full strength by using spice.
To add insult to injury, during battles you are composing a "battle-plan" that involves dialing a number on a round dial, slotting a leader into said dial, holding up to 3 cards behind that dial and somewhere storing spice behind that dial. Ain't nobody got handspace for that!

Introducing the Digital Battle Wheel, aka the Dune Combat Calculator.
Using this site you can:

When using a smartphone, you can just show your phone screen when you are done and everything should be easily readable, without any juggling efforts and with less calculation error possibilities.
If you find any bugs, have any feature suggestions or just want to get into contact, shoot me a mail.
The code is freely available on GitHub.

1.7.1 - 07.04.2024

1.7 - 17.11.2023

1.6 - 19.10.2023

1.5 - 13.07.2023

1.4 - 24.05.2023

1.3 - 22.02.2023

1.2 - 01.02.2023

1.1 - 27.01.2023

1.0 - 26.01.2023